OX3LX small EME DXpedtion to GP38NR North West Greenland.

Here the results of the small DXpedtion.

From 18.03.2005 to 01.04.2005 I was QRV with a small EME setup without elevation from GP38NR with a 6M7 and 1KW from ACOM1000, My time was very limit because of QRL but anyway did 8  QSO's via the moon on 6m and 1,5 QSO's on 2m using 100W and 10elm.

I am sure if  more time I could have work more stations on 6m and 2m. So sorry to all of them I did not worked, but I give you all a promise...



Here some pictures from my trip and also decodes and wav files you can download and  used in WSJT


ACOM1000 6m PA

1KW in the box

My ACOM1000 ready to ship before DXpedtion

Rig and accessories for the DXpedtion

more accessories

Done and ready to go

7 elm 6m yagi

6M7 on the ground

6M7 ant + me

6M7 and OX3KQ

6m shack

During night before turning ant to the moon

another moon view during night, the moon was almost red

My 2m setup

2m ant

2m Shack

My daugther Nina with toys "snowmobile"

Nina and my toy !!

More fun and 6M7 behind

Nina again try to have fun when daddy working or do ham radio :-)

OX3LX+ Nina

sledge dog with diffrent eye color



Here is a collection of the best decodes on JT65A (6m) and JT65B(2m)

W7GJ I worked as the first EME QSO on 6m but forgot in begining of QSO to push "Save decode"  so I do not have all files! :-(

W7GJ worked on my 3rd lobe








2m RN6BN

Heard on 2m DF2ZC

JA1RJU heard on 6m but no QSO :-(


This is collection of the best wav files you can listen or download them and see what I did see in WSJT from GP38

ON4IQ is the best wav file and it sound and look like multi prop. to the story the IONOGRAM in GP46 "Sonderstrome  did indicate Es!!!

 K6MYC wav file

ON4IQ wav file

ON4GG wav file

ZS6NK wav file